MacKellar Services, Inc.

Our History

History of the MacKellar Companies

After beginning his career with Greenhead Bit and Supply, Pete MacKellar soon went to work for Kid Williams Drilling.  Eight years later in 1956, Pete formed MacKellar Drilling with cash assets of $1,500 and $105,000 in debt.  Luckily, no major problems interrupted the first job and the struggling company began to grow.  Eventually, MacKellar Drilling grew into operating three drilling rigs and owning various working interests.  After finding a Layton field in Cashion and a natural gas field in Newcastle, Pete decided to sell the drilling rigs.   The new emphasis of the company was the exploration and drilling of additional production.

As production increased, so too did the need for well servicing equipment. Thus, in 1977, CARMS (now known as MacKellar Services, Inc.) was formed as a workover rig division of MacKellar, Inc.  MacKellar Services, Inc. has grown to include five workover rigs with yards in Cashion and Enid. The company specializes in well servicing and well plugging, as well as completions and wash downs. Our motto is “We can patch ‘em, pull ‘em, or plug ‘em.”

Jim MacKellar, Pete’s son, now presides over the companies with his son, Bruce MacKellar, working as his right-hand man.  Both companies are going strong and are looking forward to a successful future in the oil and gas business we all know and love.